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A New Chapter

Having gone to the trouble to revamp the Bartoon Central website – and having noted that my last entry dates back to October 25 2011(!) – I figured it’s high time to revamp this here blog.

Some significant circumstances in my professional life also make the timing rather apt. About a month ago, I had been made redundant from my full-time job – on good terms, I hasten to add (I have not been so fortunate in the past!).

My dog, drawn in Sketchbook Pro for iPadThe occasion caused me to reevaluate who I am, particularly as an artist. The job provided steady work, but at the expense of pushing my cartooning to the background. I had been ‘out of the game’ for some time. A little while ago, I posted the picture you see here on my Facebook wall – a picture of my dog drawn & painted with an iPad & stylus. Not actually too bad if I say so myself, but serves as a personal reminder that one must always take a good look at one’s subject while attempting to draw them! …Anyway, among the encouraging comments, one of them especially resonated with me, “…[it’s] your best kept secret”.

My best kept secret…

I know my family & friends have long regarded me as a cartoonist, but had it been that long since I put pen to paper, digital or otherwise? Have I really been suppressing it that well? At the end of the day, that said to me “You need to get yourself out there more!”

Who am I? What do I really want? Where to from here? I’m still working it all out of course, but I’m choosing to see this time as a fresh opportunity – a new chapter – and I intend to make use of it…

COMING UP IN NEXT WEEK’S BLOG: “Too hard. Sod This For A Lark.”

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