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Hello world!

Well folks, it’s finally here.

Six long years and a couple of false starts later, Bartoon Central v1.0 is now live. Yeah!

The internet landscape has changed dramatically since Bartoon Central’s last incarnation in 2005. Over the years, new & exciting developments in Web Design have come along, such as CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL, which all added so much more dynamism & interactivity to the web. This was all foreign territory for me at the time; I thought HTML was tricky enough to master on its own!

With a new job just starting, and no time to learn this new emerging Web 2.0 stuff, Bartoon Central slipped further & further behind and was allowed to languish. Soon after, Bartoon Central’s original host, GeoCities, was bought by Yahoo, and then subsequently shut down.

That was six years ago.

Now, fuelled by WordPress, with all its database-driven goodness, Bartoon Central is in a much better position to face the future. The bartoons themselves will now have a proper automated archive (I used to have to do that manually – I can’t tell you how much of a boon this is). There’ll be hooks for RSS, Facebook, Twitter, and/or whatever else is going. It’s exciting stuff 🙂

BUT, just like version 1.0 of anything, Bartoon Central is brand new and therefore will have some rough edges. There’s still some virtual boxes to unpack and some general tidying up as I sort through how everything will work & where everything will go. I expect that as I come to know a little more about WordPress I will be able to expand Bartoon Central in all sorts of new directions.

I will welcome your feedback. In the meantime, I do hope you enjoy visiting this site!


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